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Our Piles

We produce 125mm.square and 150mm square piles, in various classes according to the required effective prestressed in the concrete. The standard lengths are 3m, 6m and 9m.

Our 9m single length piles are very popular.If the quantity of piles is substantial, we can produce other size piles. We do manufacture piles to customer�s requirements.

Advantages of Stresscon Pile

  1. High concrete strength of 60N/mm�.
  2. Piles can withstand very hard driving conditions.
  3. High flexural and bending strength.
  4. Piles are light and are easier to handle, transport, pitch and drive.
  5. Piles are durable due to the effect of prestress which make the piles always in compression.
  6. Consistent quality under factory conditions.
  7. High production capacity.
  8. Single length long piles are available.
  9. Technical transfer from renowned prestressed concrete pile manufacturer - Hi-Stress Concrete Ltd., New Zealand.


Our piles are manufactured under the longline method. The prestressing wires are detensioned by hydraulic jacks as an requirement by MS1314: Part 5:2004

Transportation of long piles

Installation of 125mm sq. 9m piles

Stripping of Pile Heads